RiMo’s Digital Engineering supports critical decisions for complex solutions.  MindMesh helps our clients make better use of the data they already have by leveraging, Engineering, AI and ML to develop answers to the really tough questions all business frequently face.  

Drilling Dynamics

Understanding drilling dynamics behavior of bottom hole assemblies (BHA) is a critical step to improve reliability, drilling efficiency and reduce Non-Product Time (NPT). MindMesh’s Time Domain Analysis can realistically simulate various drilling dysfunctions including stick-slip, whirl, and dynamic lateral, axial and torsional vibrations in a cost and time effective manner.


MindMesh's Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services help you enhance design robustness by performing linear, dynamic and non-linear virtual product testing, reliability and life cycle predictions. We specialize in providing solutions for dynamics, non-linear deformations, impact and non-linear materials including visco and hyperelastic materials.


MindMesh's robust Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services offer evaluation of early design, product optimization and in-service performance improvements. We use state of the art solution techniques for in-compressible, compressible and multi-phase flow problems.


MindMesh's Unique Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) services help you better understand complex multi-physics coupled problems between fluid, structures and temperature to virtually evaluate product design and performance.

The digital twin enables a variety of “what if” scenarios to be replayed over and over, with “tweaks” made along the way so that you can rest assured knowing you have evaluated the problem from many angles.  The guesswork and trial and error days are over. Let us bring your product or process to life and give you the key to a quantitative understanding that goes beyond the ordinary.

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