Alejandro Martinez
Quality Assurance Manager

“We greatly appreciate MindMesh’s hard work in helping us develop our new product. Their FEA analysis helped us to make more informed decisions along the way. Raju and Nejib were always good about making themselves available to meet and discuss critical items during the project. We will definitely consider them in future technical design projects.”

Venkat Mallela
Director of Engineering at Fluidmaster, Inc

Working on multiple projects, I've found his quality of the designs and his thorough analytical approach excellent. We are very happy with the results, designs and prototypes so far. We have several more projects planned with MindMesh because of this. Raju is thoughtful and responsive. I'd recommend him to anyone needing high quality work.

Brent Lirette
Vice President of Engineering, Antelope Oil Tool & Mfg. Co.

“We appreciate the support MindMesh provided in developing and validating the design of a new Antelope high performance product. Their expertise helped convince new customers of the reliability of our design and helped accelerate the introduction of our product to the marketplace. Their design analysis was later supported by full-scale customer testing and field runs. I highly recommend MindMesh for complex product design support.”

Adam Sampson
VP of Engineering, FluidMaster

“MindMesh provides an incredible foundation of technical understanding. They set up sound principles and thinking before launching into a solution, not simply jumping into iterative numerical sets. We give MindMesh our most difficult and elusive problems to solve. They do a great job and are a valuable extension of our team. I would highly recommend them.”


MindMesh is the digital evolution of engineering. We
provide clients with sound technical expertise and
knowledge for products relating to design, manufacturing
process evaluations, and engineering of the product’s life
cycle. With over 15 years of industrial experience in diverse
disciplines, our team is uniquely equipped to resolve tough
and complicated engineering issues with success!

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