Manufacturing Solutions

Temperature Distribution During Welding

Upmilling Process

Wheel Inner Forming

MindMesh's Manufacturing services offer extensive evaluation of the product manufacturing and its in-service behavior due to the manufacturing process. We provide clients with expert guidance and advice for several manufacturing processes like sheet, bulk metal forming, casting, welding and machining. We can also incorporate the manufacturing effects to evaluate product in-service performance and better estimate its life cycle.Our expertise in materials both metallic and non-metallic including composites and associated tribology offers total value to our clients. Our portfolio of case studies shows many successful consulting projects in many different manufacturing areas. Our consulting work includes day to day consumer products, medical, aerospace and automotive, to name a few. Our offer includes incremental updates to the client by keeping them aware of the project progress at every stage and offering design guidance and improvements as needed. As part of our hand off, we share our findings, offer solutions, improvements and provide simulation data along with a final report.

MindMesh's Manufacturing Capabilities

Sheet Metal Forming
Tube and Sheet hydroforming
Hot and cold forging
Coining and embossing
Casting- Filing and solidification
Sand casting
Die and Investments casting
Welding- thermal-metallurgical-structural interaction
Plastics molding

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