Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Drill Bit Rock Interaction

Crash and Occupant Safety

Metal Interference Connection

MindMesh's Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services help you enhance design robustness by performing virtual product design testing. From concept to completion, our service experts help you along every step of the way to evaluate the performance of the product design. We work with you to derive actionable insights about the product design, manufacturing, and in-service performance and provide you with incremental project updates, design guidance, and enhancement requirements. Upon project completion, you receive key findings, viable solution options, improvement advice, and simulation data along with a final report.

MindMesh's FEA Capabilities

Structure Analysis
Static and Dynamic Loads
Steady State and Transient Dynamics
Non-Linear Material, Geometry and Contact analysis
Hyper-Elastic (Elastomers) Analysis
Visco-Elastic & Visco-Plastic Analysis
Buckling & Collapse Analysis
Structural Weight Reduction & Optimization
Thermal analysis - Steady state and Transient
Fatigue and Life Cycle Evaluation