Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Vortex shedding at 50 mph

Velocity vectors flow large city

Filtration of Solids

MindMesh's Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services offer evaluation of early design, product optimization and in-service performance improvements. We provide client customized services across diverse industries and application spaces covering both internal and external flow modeling. Our expertise lies in multi-phase modeling and resolving fluid structure interaction specific issues. work includes day to day consumer products, oil & gas valves and tools to external and internal flows in automobile and wind turbines, to name a few. We provide a unique and fresh perspective to our clients for their product life cycle needs. Our cross industry experience helps our clients reduce product development and expensive tests. Including incremental updates to the client by keeping them aware of the project progress at every stage and offering design guidance and improvements as needed. As part of our hand off, we share our findings, offer solutions, improvements and provide simulation data along with a final report.

MindMesh's CFD Capabilities

Steady and Transient Fluid Flows
Incompressible & Compressible Fluid Flows
Single & Multiphase Flows
Laminar & Turbulent Flows
Material Erosion due to fluid flow & Cavitation
Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
Conjugate Heat Transfer
Mesh Generation Services

Our portfolio of case studies shows many successful CFD consulting projects. Our consulting work includes day to day consumer products, oil & gas valves and tools to external and internal flows in automobile and wind turbines, to name a few.

CFD services, flow modeling

Flushing Efficiency Enhancement

To reduce the amount of water used for toilet flushing while still maintaining flushing efficiency is crucial for the next generation toilet. MindMesh Inc. developed multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models to assist toilet design improvement. We used Tdyn, a state-of-the-art CFD software platform, to perform high-fidelity flushing flow analysis and Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis. We designed various tests to improve the understanding of multiphase flow physics.

Flow modeing, CFD services

Reducing Erosion and Improving Product Reliability through Flow Modeling

To determine the limits for products undergoing erosion due to high flow rates, MindMesh Inc. performed several CFD analyses. These analyses were crucial in dealing with flow induced erosion which occurs daily in multiple industries, (Fig. 1). With this we were able to determine how erosion affects products, evaluate product design, and improve the overall reliability of products. Understanding the design, the flow characteristics, and materials of products allowed us to understand the design limits and provide insight to the clients.

Drilling Dynamics, RiMo well engineering

Drilling Dynamics

When we deal with any operator or whether we are talking to a directional Company or a downhole tool service provider, we give them the ability now to virtually test many changes in the hardware and in the operating parameters that now one would ever allow in the field simply because trail and error is too expensive. So now we give them the ability for the comparative analysis and sensitivity analysis and all the things to understand improvement while we’re still in the office in the engineering environment before we go to the operations at the rig where time is money and we’re able to affect improvement. Based upon the things we have learned through the software field.