We have improved drilling economics with data-driven simulation, predictive analytics, and key digital transformations.The real-time Digital Twin in the RiMo platform predicts drilling mechanics and drilling dysfunctions in real-time.We have taken the Time Domain Analysis (TDA) method to a new level for real-time operations. The integration with real-time data and the Digital Twin makes it a truly perspective tool for our industry.A true step forward for predictive models in integrated drilling automation and learning.

Let's go further into this process on how it works and what we can do.

The digital twin uses real-time surface data as input and drillstring data to predict downhole drilling dynamics responses.

The drill string, bottom hole assembly, and drill bit mechanics are utilized from planning.

The workflow is built to automatically recognize drilling rig states (rotary or slide drilling) and connection makeup to start and stop the predictive model.

The twin produces quantifiable drilling dynamics like shock and vibration, downhole MSE, penetration rate, etc., in real-time.

The RiMo platform is built to seamlessly go through multiple workflows from planning, real-time digital twin, and post-job analytics.

Here are the real-time data insights we provide

RiMo predicts downhole MSE

RiMo Predicts ROP.

RiMo predicts lateral vibration, axial vibration and torsional vibration

RiMo provides virtual drill-off test