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Discover how MindMesh through RiMo is enabling businesses to move mountains by leveraging
cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Big
Data Analytics, and Advanced Data Visualization.


Our engineering staff and our collaboration with testlaboratories helps to fast track the development and improvement of products andspecial purpose machinery for a number of industries including oil and gas,manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense.
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The RiMo platform is built to support an intelligent engineering eco-system that improves engineering and business processes. RiMo consumes critical data and leverages AI and ML driven data visualization to develop unique solutions to your business challenges.
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Through our software we provide cutting edge and cost-effective solutions and services to our clients. We are committed to excellence and providing innovative and flexible solutions for our valued clients is a top priority. From digital mock-ups to virtual testing, we empower you to help you achieve your goals. We leverage over 20 years of industrial experience of MindMesh Service Experts to successfully resolve tough and complicated engineering issues, through our digital engineering platform RiMo.


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