Safeguarding the environment requires an environmental engineering system that is a competent branch of science and technology addressing energy preservation, protection of resources and control of waste. At MindMesh, we believe in system studying the technological advances, evaluating hazardous waste management, helping in designing municipal and industrial water systems and helping environmental sustainability. Environmental challenges are increasingly demanding and meeting the technical and regulatory demands of a project and business requires a consulting firm that will match the experience and knowledge of federal, state and local regulations. Our professionals listen to the needs and concerns of our clients and provide timely and cost-effective solutions for your environmental needs.


[Construction] - Design Services
Design Services
[Construction] - Environmental Modeling
Environmental Modeling
[Construction] - Hydraulics Modeling
Hydraulics Modeling
[Construction] - Turnkey Services
Turnkey Services

Our Work

Project management and over site for soil and ground water sampling

Drilling and geo-probe

Tank pulls and installs

Ground up gas stations

Landfill construction, cap, liner, leachate, and gas collection

Landfill maintenance

Insitu and exsitu soil remediation

Soil vapor extraction systems

RCRA site

Dredging and river bank stabilization

Lagoon clean ups

Lagoon construction



MindMesh is the digital evolution of engineering. We
provide clients with sound technical expertise and
knowledge for products relating to design, manufacturing
process evaluations, and engineering of the product’s life
cycle. With over 15 years of industrial experience in diverse
disciplines, our team is uniquely equipped to resolve tough
and complicated engineering issues with success!

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