IADD July Houston Chapter Extended-Luncheon Series Part 1

Creating a High-Capacity BHA” Extended-Luncheon Series Part 1

MindMesh Inc. will be attending the IADD July 2017 Extended Monthly Luncheon: Rotary Steerable Systems Forum Series as a table sponsor on Wednesday, July 27th

Operators are faced with increasing challenges to economically develop hydrocarbon resources. To fully utilize the wells’ production potential, longer horizontal sections are being drilled and completed. Substantial increases in torque and drag, which are associated with increasing horizontal wellbore departure, can pose BHA control difficulties. Frequently, increased circulation pressures can limit the torque/power capability of the motor. This can be a contributing factor in some of the disappointing drilling rates seen in long horizontal applications.

The IADD Houston Chapter is hosting a three-part luncheon series to help shed some light on the issues, improvement opportunities, and available solutions to create a profile for a high-capacity BHA. Speakers from operators, oilfield tubular manufacturers, MWD providers, directional service companies, and downhole motor companies will present.

For more information or if you would like to attend, we invite you to register here


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