Digital Twin Predicts Drilling Dysfunctions in Real Time

The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee will hold its Q3 Technology Forum on 29 September under the theme “Performance Limiters.” Our industry has made significant changes over the years regarding drilling performance improvement.

We are excited to expand the discussion on the Industry's 1st Real Time Digital Twin for Drilling Dysfunctions. Our CTO Raju Gandikota will be speaking . Learn more about how this tool improves drilling economics.


A novel real time digital twin has been developed to predict drilling dysfunctions and improve operational efficiencies. Real time surface data is used as input to predict drilling dynamics and drilling dysfunctions in the bottom hole assembly at any depth. This provides a rare insight for drilling engineers to improve drilling performance and take predictive or corrective measures for reliability and operational efficiencies.
The digital twin uses real time surface as input along with the details of bottom hole assemblies and drillstring to predict downhole drilling dynamics responses. A fast-running time domain models based on mixed multi-body mechanics and finite element methods form the basis of the digital twin. The work flow is built to automatically recognize drilling rig states (rotary or slide drilling) and connection makeup to start and stop the predictive model.


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