Work Interrupted

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

With all the unusual circumstances that we all face due to the virus, it has become somewhat more difficult to see projects through completion. Limited meetings, site visits, and personal interaction may have short-circuited progress in product development and manufacturing. Without hands-on time with new designs and ideas, its difficult to see your way through to successful results.

In walks the digital twin. It’s’ what you need when you can’t have the real thing right next to you. It is correct in every aspect. Your product twin is digital and can go anywhere (virtually) with you. From the ocean depths to the highest peaks, your simulated object is accurate in every aspect. The materials of construction have been carefully captured along all the dimensional detail and aspects of the movement.

Your digital twin is easy to carry around so you can share your ideas and it can perform quantitatively so that all will benefit from the results. The better news is that work does not have to stop just because the world is upside down. Your customer can see it work, you can tweak the design and even put it into action so that other ideas and improvements can be made and tested quickly.

This might just be a new way forward. Digital prototypes are not new, but they can be very helpful in times of limited actions and time. Ask us about our RiMo digital twin services and platform.

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