URTeC 2018 - The Industry is More Focused on New Technologies

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

Our very own Kaimin Yue presented at the 2018 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference. Session Theme 04: Beyond Brittleness: Geomechanical Characterization I, where he spoke on "Layered Modulus Effect on Fracture Modeling and Height Containment"


Hydraulic fracture height growth is one of the critical factors in the success of hydraulic fracturing treatments. The averaging methods developed in this work can significantly improve material balance in hydraulic fracturing simulation. This study also suggested that soft layers inhibit hydraulic fracture propagation in layered reservoirs. As a result, hydraulic fracture height containment within a stratified rock stack can be better evaluated by comparing the modulus contrast between adjacent layers.


“It was a great experience for me to attend URTeC 2018 conference. Due to the oil boom in the US, especially Permian basins, the industry is more focused on new technologies that can be applied in unconventional reservoirs. In the conference, I presented my paper on hydraulic fracture height containment and the presentation was well received. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet friends, learn new technologies, and to me discuss with potential clients.” – Kaimin

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