The Secret Life of A Toilet- CFD analysis

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

Porcelain is hard to see through, so we’d like to show you how fluid moves through the tank/bowl of a toilet and illustrate another example of MindMesh’s CFD modeling capabilities. Using the dimensional detail of the toilet’s tank, rim and bowl, we have faithfully reproduced how gravity moves water through the appliance taking solids with along for the ride. We all see this convenience daily, and most take it for granted. One challenge was to model water and air interactions as well as solid content during flushing. We developed and validated small scale models to efficiently model multiphase behavior without solids, with sensitivity studies. Our findings made way for design optimization.

Solid Flush

Find improved the technology for future product development and optimization of toilets and flushing efficiencies with our CFD services. There is no better way to do this than a digital twin and innumerable simulations changing diameters and configurations before any design gets built.

Read more in our case study Flushing Efficiency Enhancement

Our portfolio of case studies shows many successful CFD consulting projects. Our consulting work includes day to day consumer products, oil & gas valves and tools to external and internal flows in automobile and wind turbines, to name a few. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services offer evaluation of early design, product optimization and in-service performance improvements. Contact us!

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