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Advances in exploration and production of oil & gas has required extensive use of multi-disciplinary engineering, analytical and numerical modeling over the years. The emphasis to reduce uncertainty in finding oil & gas, failures, costs and most importantly improve safety has driven the industry to adopt and depend on numerical modeling and simulations. The oil and gas industry uses a slew of multi-disciplinary subjects to advance the exploration, drilling and production of oil.

Multiple computational disciplines from reservoir modeling for exploration requires the use of Darcy’s equation, poro-elastic understanding of rock physics and rock mechanics and computational geo-mechanics. This involves the use of massive computational models to develop and understand underground oil & gas reservoirs. The drilling engineering requires the use of extensive structural analysis, fluid mechanics and electro-mechanical modeling. This involves extensive use of finite element methods (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer and modeling electrical and electro-magnetic multi-physics models.

Advances in computing, especially parallel processing and access to high end numerical software is heralding a drive to digital revolution in the oil and gas industry. We are on the cusp of a digital revolution in the oil field for knowledge capture, data driven models and automation. All this requires scientific and critical thinkers to the industry and engineers who can work on these advanced computational tools.

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