My Journey in Oil & Gas

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About 10 years back when I decided to move from a predominately automotive career to the Oil & Gas industry, I was told by several colleagues and clients that shifting to the oil patch was a not a forward step in my career. They were underplaying the use of technology, the adoption of advanced numerical methods and computational sciences. Despite all the naysayers, I decided to explore the oil patch and what a journey it has been!

The last 10 years has been an exhilarating journey in learning the oil field and contributing to the upstream oil & gas community. I am constantly amazed at the technology levels and focus on fundamental engineering and the desire by the industry to incorporate advanced engineering practices from all other industries.

The industry is slow to adopt new technologies and there is a reason. Much of upstream side of the oil & gas, especially exploration and drilling will needs to be done blind. Let me explain, one has to use seismic signals to understand the nature of the earth and her formations. One needs to use telemetry (sometimes primitive but reliable) as a way to communicate while drilling several kilometers or miles beneath the earth. So there is a great emphasis to study and understand data while exploring, drilling and production. Pre-engineering work and numerical and computational models are the corner stone for job preplanning and completing the projects safely and efficiently. Failures even minor could very expensive and environmentally catastrophic. There is a lot emphasis of planning, engineering and safety to the overall work in the oil industry.

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