Are you Comfortable Yet?

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

How do we measure comfort and know which chair is best suited for our body at the desk?  Meet virtual Leonard!. 

 Comfort can be measured in many ways.  It’s our couch at home, our car seat on a long road trip or your pillow in bed at night. They are the familiar and special places/things we hold close.

 How is comfort measured/quantified objectively?  How are new levels of comfort achieved?  Computer simulations of course!

 From the texture of the fabric, to the support beneath our legs to the angle of the seat-back…these elements that combine to create comfort can all be accurately depicted and evaluated

using accurate computer models with the human body to understand how they will affect us.  Maybe it’s too soft or too up right for long period of time.  Everyone is different so best to make

whatever it is adjustable over a range of motion so that many can enjoy the same appliance.  By performing material calibration for fabric and foams using non-linear FEA analyses, decisions about too soft or too hard can be quickly determined. 


Temperatures can affect our comfort too. Extreme hot and cold can turn the best couch into a miserable experience.  Materials that breathe and allow air to circulate will accommodate

a variety of temperatures that will appeal to more individuals. Materials that don’t allow air to circulate can quickly be come un-comfortable here in the Texas summer heat. 

Think about that car seat in summer while wearing shorts!!! MindMesh utilizes a powerful transient CFD solver with free surface tracking to quantitatively evaluate comfort.

Find out where the hot-spots are in early designs to make a winner.


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