Guess What? Now you don’t have to…simulate!

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

Trying to come up with a new design/material for a special application?  Don’t know where to start?  Well, try this on!

Evaluation of new product performance does not have to be a long and painful experience.  The best way to get there is a computer simulation.

Simulations may have been seen as simply a “cartoon” that looked like the end product.  With fast, time-domain FEA models, results are much more than that.

With fine detailed captured in the model and results, any unseen characteristics of the material may be identified and quantified under any set of conditions.  

No more building a mock-up to test.  The entire product, all of the materials in construction and even the environment are accurately captured in super-detail models.

This allows the virtual prototype to function (or not) so that design and material decisions can be made much sooner in the process.

The cycle time between start and finish is dramatically reduced with much improved results.

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