Efficiency. More is better but how do you know where to go?

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Efficiency.  More is better but how do you know where to go?

Engineers thrive on efficiency improvements.  They work to increase efficiency at many levels in transportation, especially large trucks.

Most of our nations’ ground transportation is handled by the familiar 18 wheelers we see every day.  They log millions of miles a year on a tractor, so any increase in efficiency pays off big time and helps the environment.  These trucks and their "rolling boxes" they drag behind them consume enormous amounts of diesel, which represents a large part of transportation costs.

If an Engineer can increase efficiency, he lowers the cost of moving goods and makes his customer happy and reduces total emissions. Think ESG compliance. It also makes his company more attractive/competitive to others that must rely upon this mode of transportation to get their products to market.

The aerodynamics of a large truck can be improved but how?  What can be changed easily or at the lowest cost and what are the expected results?

Trial and error are time-consuming and costly ways to find out, but there are better solutions.  Accurate simulations and dynamic models of the truck and trailer are used by professionals so that multiple design changes and materials can be tested until the best design at the lowest cost is identified.  Changing wind speeds/direction, ride height and safety are simultaneously compared and deliver win-win-win results.  Trucks get more miles per gallon lowering the cost of moving goods and improving the company’s bottom line. Ultimately, the savings can be passed on to consumers like you.

How’s that for progress? MindMesh offers CFD services to improve efficiency across industries, contact us.

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