Developing Minds: Meet Jacob Lawson

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We love to encourage, support and build young minds. We are thrilled to have our intern Jacob Lawson for the fall/winter season! It has been a delight to have him in the office with us we had a short Q&A about his experience:

How has your time been at MindMesh?

I've really enjoyed my time at MindMesh so far. It has been such a fantastic opportunity to get involved in real engineering work. Engineering is something I've known I want to study for a while, but at school, you don't get much first-hand Engineering experience. I've loved being immersed in the work environment, and getting to see all the modeling and simulation going on to solve different Engineering problems.

What have you been working on while here?

I've been involved in so many things. First of all, related to MindMesh's main daily operations, I've been able to see the work that Kaimin does use Abaqus to model drilling problems, and I've been able to go off-site to visit clients which were a really interesting experience, as I got to see where the work MindMesh does is directly applied. I also got to test out the RiMo software and help out in identifying areas of improvement. Other than this, Mr. Raju has been giving me some other side projects which are R&D-related. Within these projects,I've been able to develop so many skills, from mathematical modeling, to programming in Python and Octave, to setting up simple electronic circuits, and also getting the hang of the Abaqus software to do my own modeling for these projects. This has been my favorite part so far, as I am very interested in the entrepreneurial and product development aspect of Engineering, where you have to consider many things beyond just technical design, such as the economic and business implications of your decisions.

What are some plans for the future?

Well, I just recently got into the University of Oxford in the UK,and so I am going to be studying Engineering there from October 2019. It is a4-year integrated master’s course (BEng + MEng). I hope I can come back to MindMesh again and work during holidays once I start studying, and I also hope to find some interesting other internships as well which will be much easier because of the opportunities I got at MindMesh. After that, I would love to get a job in a really interesting and creative aspect of Engineering, such as music technology, aviation/aeronautics, Disney Imagineering, or even start my own business eventually - something I've always wanted to do.

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