Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) around structures

Lateral vibrations of the BHA

The heat transfer in a fluid implies energy transport, which appears in the heat equation as the convective contribution. Depending on the thermal properties on the fluid and on the flow regime, either the convective or the conductive heat transfer can dominate.

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CHT at 4 seconds

Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) combines heat transfer between solids and fluids by exchanging thermal energy at the interfaces. The fluid typically carries away the heat and forced convection are dominant in CHT.

Common applications of CHT modeling include industrial and home heat & cooling, heat exchangers, electronics cooling, HVAC, and even geothermal applications.  

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CHT at 10 seconds

The flow and heat transfer around three structures that having different temperatures is shown in this video. Heat carrying capacity and thermal mixing in the carrier fluid were studied here. The solid is not shown in the model for clarity.

The snap shots over different time intervals show the fluid contacting the solid structures and the resulting thermal exchange. Results show fluid mixing and heat dissipation in the trailing side of flow.

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CHT at 20 seconds

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